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Company Profile
Metaline Industries (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1983, as a precision sheet metal stamping solution provider. We have been serving our customers across various industries and OEM’s such as Atlas Honda (Motor Cycle) Ltd., Indus Motor Company (Toyota) Ltd., Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd., Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd., and Millat Tractors Ltd. with specialized assemblies and sub assemblies such as Fuel Tanks, Oil Pan, Screw Jacks Assy, Window Regulators Assy, Seat Adjusters Assy, etc.
Metaline offers a range of services to the customers like product design, dies and tool development, manufacturing and assembly, quality testing and direct supplies to the assembly line of OEM’s. Metaline is geared with modern equipment and has potential to prosper in this challenging line of work, complying with strict international standards of our customers. Our service is our core strength and we look forward to our customer’s feedback, which are carefully monitored at all times to ensure that our products performance is in accordance to our clients’ expectations.
In recognition to our commitment and dedication to work, we have received a range of achievements and credentials from our customers, which include timely suppliability, well-timed development, best quality and overall outstanding performance awards.
Steel Stamping
Fuel Tank, Oil Pan, Window Regulator, Screw Jack, Seat Adjuster.
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Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-PM21, Hall # 1 - H1-PM23

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