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Company Profile

 Our commitment to provide excellence in auto parts in production with vision to standardization as per international code of practice leading to durability, Long life and cost savings.
 To upgrade advice disseminate extend assistance and skill development in technical and managerial field for producing standardization Auto parts with employment of Quality tools for LEAN manufacturing (Zero Defect).


To achieve our commitments, we will,

 Build Long lasting relationship with our customers, based on quality,
satisfaction and personal attention
 Deliver the highest level of excellence and value in the provision of services
to exceed customer expectations.
 Undertake only those assignments which can be fulfilled to the complete
satisfaction of the customer.


 Services on time
 High Quality Auto parts
 Raw material standard for all manufacturing process
 Safe clean and healthy environment
 Quality up cost down straightly
 Inspection of Material in every stage of production
 Quality insurance Lab for process standardized in progress.
 Quality Circles (SPC, SQC, TQM, 6 SIGMA TOOLS)
 Internal and External Quality Audit of Weekly Basis
 Training for employee development and acquisition of Latest technology
 Random sampling of all parts for quality inspection
 Employment of 5s Quality culture at sharp flour

Manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts, Die-casting Injection molding and Mold and press shop.
1. Handle Switch Assy Set 2. Key Lock set 3. Side cover locks 4. Fuel Cork
Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-PM24

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