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Company Profile
Yes Electromotive is an automotive technology start-up based out of Lahore Pakistan. The company starts its commercial operations in 2022 concluding a decade long electric vehicle development program lead by it’s founder.

The MUVA program is authentic and extensive; the result is a new modular platform for 3 or 4 wheel electric vehicles with unique intellectual property.

The vehicle architecture is based on mature, proven, easily accessible latest motor and battery technology. It represents a modern design and a sensible new approach to packaging of small battery electric vehicles. Innovative techniques for scalable manufacturing and supply chain solutions were an integral part of this development program, enabling us to go around vehicle production entry barriers.

As a last mile taxi or e-commerce delivery vehicle, MUVA responds to similar needs as an ordinary Rickshaw, is comfortable, looks attractive and operates at a fraction of the running cost (about 7 times less compared to a gasoline Rickshaw).

There are zero emissions and it fits synergistically into the Solar power ecosystem. However, due largely to the cost of the battery pack MUVA is more expensive up-front. The extra cost is compensated over 18-24 months in fuel savings alone if operated 120-150 km daily, which is within its driving range on a single charge.

Given this particular balance of up-front and operational cost, in order to achieve high adoption rates and commercial success we plan to offer the vehicles to vehicle-as-a-service / fleet operators first.
Battery Electric Vehicle
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