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Company Profile
Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd. is a public limited company listed at Karachi & Lahore stock Exchanges. Incorporated in 1983, Plant at DG Khan, under the flagship of Al-Futtaim Group Dubai and NEWHOLLAND Italy, AGTL is renowned as Hall Mark of Engineering Dynamics and has 94% foreign investment. At Al-Ghazi, we believe that the only thing that tops progress is successful progress¬¬ – hence the long list of accolades of corporate excellence.

• Robust, Sturdy and Economical.
• Huge Pulling Power and Load Lifting Capacity.
• Best suitable for haulage and Trolleys with low fuel consumption.
• Higher Road Speed, hence most efficient.
• Power Steering and Disc Brakes for Comfortable drive making enhanced working hours for drivers.
• Higher Horse power Engines.
• Longer Engine Life due to efficient Cooling & Lubrication System.
• More compatible with all agricultural Implements and applications.
• Exclusive Feature of High Clearance (Suitable for Sugar cane fields and plowing in standing crops)
• Exclusive Feature of Low clearance (Suitable for working in orchards).
• Separate clutch system for both Transmission and P.T.O.
• Exclusive feature of DTO shaft for Higher RMP.
• Tractor with less maintenance cost.
• Superior Hydraulic system with greater oil flow per minute.
• Optional Feature of Creeper gear to increase Traction.
• Strong U-Shaped Rear Axle Tubes and Reduction Gear to bear extreme loads.
• And many more……….

With Former name of Fiat, NEWHOLLAND Tractors are proudly used by the farmers and Institutions in all over the country. We claim to sell “Highest Quality Products at Lowest Cost” in Pakistan as well as in the world.

NH Brand tractors are being supplied with Prompt After Sale Services in all over the country through our nationwide network of Dealerships. Thousands of users are availing services annually which proves strong brand loyalty resulting in repetitive sales.
NH-480S (55 HP), NH-Ghazi (65 HP), NH-640 (75 HP), NH Dabung-85 (85 HP), NH 70-56 (85 HP) 4WD
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Stall No's: Hall # 2 - H2-S5

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