S.T Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd.

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  • Email: directorexp@stengineeringservices.com
  • Website: www.stengineeringservices.com
  • Address: Plot # 12, Holiday Park Industrial Estate, 5.5 km Raiwind Road Lahore.

Company Profile
S.T. Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1989 and since then it is serving the industry as a manufacturing concern in producing Sheet Metal Components for the leading Automotive & Home Appliances Manufacturers in Pakistan.
S.T. Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd. commits & ensures continuous innovative planning, international standards & believes in catering its valuable OEMs by giving them 100% supplies with 100% quality. Expertise Specializes in Sheet Metal Welding Components for Automotive Industry (Cars & Motorcycles) and Home Appliances.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd.
Honda Atlas Car Pakistan Ltd.
Honda Motorcycle Ltd.
Haier Pakistan Ltd.
Sanpak (Sanden) Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Millat Equipment Ltd.
3D CAD/CAM modeling (Individual parts & assemblies) CNC Milling & Wire cut (Bed size up to 1100x650mm) Conventional Machines (Milling, Shaping, Turning, Drilling etc) Shearing Machines & Gas Cutting Hydraulic & Power Presses (Capacity of 100~600 Tons), Spot Welding, CO2 Welding, Galvanizing, Electroplating, Phosphating etc. Powder Coating & Stowing Paint.
Cross Members, Member Front, Pannel Central Pillar R/L, Fan Shroud Assy, Pannel Grill, Cover Transmission,, Base Battery Set, Splash Guards, Member Comp Rear Floor, Brake Road, Holder Pillion, Rear Brake Rods, Back Board, Base Plate, Compressor Mass, Bottom Bars, Instant Gas Water Heater Complete Body.
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Stall No's: Hall # 1 - H1-PM41, Hall # 1 - H1-PM40

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